Our national and international clients come from an extensive range of business sectors:
Cash & Carry and supermarkets
Municipal councils
Industrial machinery resellers
IT equipment suppliers
Light vehicle and boat businesses
Ironmongery manufacturers and resellers
Heavy goods and passenger vehicle manufacturers and resellers
Scrap merchants and industrials
Paint and varnish industrials and resellers
Wine producers and resellers
General retailers
International traders
Communications companies
Construction and public works companies
Municipal companies
Non-profit organisations (associations and foundations)
Listed companies
Public bodies
Training organisations
Cork industry
Furniture industry
Refrigeration industry
Tanning industry
Plastics industrials and resellers
Coffee industrials and distributors
Moulds industrials and manufacturers
Wood industrials and sawmills
Textile and dyeing industrials
Energy producers
Food industry
Management IT suppliers
Financial institutions
Real estate agents
Customs agents
Topography services
Real estate management companies
Holding companies
Transport and distribution companies
Tourism and hotels